1. The first volume of our tiny comic is out in print and ready to go for c4. The second volume will be ready for digital download @

    https://gumroad.com/spacebrunch¬†¬† sometime this October. When the 2nd volume is ready, we’re going to make the 1st one free for a while to celebrate! Look out for it.

    Space Brunch is sometimes about meals between breakfast and lunch, and always about the adventures of Ruby and Mindy in the year 305X. Together, they travel the galaxy as public relations agents of the Collant Company, solving problems for those who’ve had their DNA combined with that of another object/creature/person by Collant’s patented technology.

  2. You’ll Always Have The Mystery Shack

  3. Warmup drawing today was bubbline because it’s super strong and real

  4. Conquer yourself!

  5. Gems

  6. nicoletton:

    Girlfriends on a bubble tea date in the city.

  7. Girlfriends on a bubble tea date in the city.

  8. Some kind of chandelier head eyeball queen?

  9. Stoplight head! I have to draw dozens of these guys for sb # 2.

  10. Markers + Photoshop + Paint tool SAI