1. nicoletton:

    Girlfriends on a bubble tea date in the city.

  2. Girlfriends on a bubble tea date in the city.

  3. Some kind of chandelier head eyeball queen?

  4. Stoplight head! I have to draw dozens of these guys for sb # 2.

  5. Markers + Photoshop + Paint tool SAI

  6. Lots of spoop boops.

  7. Another thing that might become a C4 print. Pokeymanz.

  8. Prairie pines

  9. Palette #4 and #21 from Indolent Jellyfish’s colour meme. Spider8a8es forever.

  10. indolentjellyfish:

    I didn’t like the one of these going around so I made my own.
    What makes a good limited palette? I think it needs both contrast in value and in colour temperature. A gradient from one middle value muddy colour to another is not a good basis for an entire painting.
    I’ll take some suggestions and feel free to use this - don’t be afraid to mix the colours.
    (edit: forgot to mention, tag with jellyfish palette if you do one so I can see)

    I’m open to do a few of these if anyone wants.